We let you hide with the help of state of the art camouflage equipment, which deceive all types of modern optical and electronic surveillance devices viz ultra violet, visual, near infra red, thermal infra red and radar.This is what we do and we do it efficiently so that you are protected with the use of our broadband camouflage equipment.We protect armed forces and expensive military equipment from modern reconnaissance methods. With our effective camouflage nets, we dramatically increase life expectancy in the battlefield. We enable troops to escape detection by using our camouflage equipment, thereby getting the tilt of balance in the battlefield in their favor. With our state-of-the-art camouflage equipment, we help armed forces tackle advances in electronics and optronics which have led to the development of high precision weapon systems. Enlightened by high tech reconnaissance systems, guided missiles and smart bombs of today, enemy can strike the target with pinpoint accuracy. Our state-of-the-art camouflage nets can ‘blind’ the eyes of surveillance systems by acting as decoys, thus negating the firepower of the enemy.

Our camouflage systems, backed by relentless research, can fool Visual Light, Infra-red Light, Ultraviolet, Thermal IR and RADAR based detection systems. These systems can effectively complement ordinary camouflage techniques, thus minimizing the risk of detection and dramatically increasing the survival chances in a war zone.

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