Fatigues For Armed

In a job as demanding as of army personnel, even comparatively minor things gain value. Troops might be required to make their way through dense forests or climb a mountain to capture an enemy post. Their job demands some unique requirements for their attire. Fatigues for armed personnel must satisfy their specific requirements and facilitate the fulfillment of their duties.

We offer camouflage fatigues namely NBC Suits, High Altitude Sleeping Bags, Combat Uniforms, Sniper Suits, Special Operations Tactical Suits (SOTACS) and FR Overalls for armed troops. These authentic fatigues provide utmost comfort to the personnel and, at the same time, the much needed protection. Made of fabric which can withstand the rigors of an armed personnel’s duty, these fatigues have high utility value. Thanks to their design, these fatigues ensure that the personnel do not feel any dryness, brittleness or odors.