Multispectral Camouflage Nets (MSCN)

Raksha Supreme has developed indigenously, hi-tech, top quality Multispectral Camouflage Nets to provide full band protection to the military objects and installations against all types of modern reconnaissance tools. The MSCNs are light in weight, easy to carry and deploy. The Raksha MSCNs are durable, rot resistant, fire resistant, water and moisture resistant. The MSCNs are custom designed to the specific needs of the armed forces. These MSCNs are reversible and hence have dual terrain utility. These MSCNs are specially designed for providing protection against ultraviolet, visual, near-infrared, thermal infrared and radar reconnaissance in all weather conditions.

There are two types of MSCNs specifically designed to conceal objects of specific nature :
MSCN Type-I : Radar Transparent &
MSCN Type-II : Radar Scattering