Synthetic Visual & IR Camouflage Nets

Raksha Supreme has developed Synthetic Visual and Near Infra Red Protecting Camouflage Nets for concealing the military vehicles, command posts and other objects of strategic importance against the enemy surveillance. As the name signifies, these synthetic camouflage nets are made up of pre-garnished synthetic material. These synthetic camouflage nets are durable, rot resistant, fire resistant, water and moisture resistant. These synthetic camouflage nets provide protection against all Visual and Near Infra Red light based surveillance sensors/ equipments. Raksha Supreme synthetic camouflage nets are designed to protect all kinds of vehicles and other military equipment in a static position. The low gloss of the synthetic camouflage net prevents revealing glint, and the near-infrared properties provide full protection against night-vision devices and other related threats. These synthetic camouflage nets are ultra light in weight, easy to carry and deploy. Raksha Supreme custom designs the synthetic camouflage nets, to the specific requirements, of the terrain and the object to be camouflaged.